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  • 2015 Leisure Market Predictions
    05 Jan 2015 In 2014 The Coffer Group team gave its first insight into what the year ahead held for the leisure market and many of our predictions – if we do say so ourselves - turned out to be correct.
    General Election years always provide a degree of confusion and, whichever side (or coillition) is elected, there will be a period of uncertainty as the new government establishes itself.
    That said it looks set to be another positive year for the leisure sector. So, here are our predictions for 2015 – let’s see how we do this year. Read more »
  • Initial Christmas trading figures looking good for pubs and restaurants
    05 Jan 2015 Early trading data suggests managed pubs and restaurants had a Christmas to celebrate. Initial weekly figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker show collective like-for-like sales for Christmas week itself were up 3.3% on last year. A full analysis of the whole six weeks of the festive period will be published by CGA Peach next week. Read more »
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